"Blue" Gouache on board © Joanna Zeller Quentin 2009.

Monday, September 7, 2009

postcard options...all out, I think. Maybe. Maybe?

Choosing a marketing image is really tough- I want something that will appeal to all equestrians and horse lovers- not just dressage people or jumper people or western pleasure people- AND it has to look good, AND the printer has to get the color right, AND I have to want to look at 1000 of them at a time.  If I can't get the new painting done (see tonight's earlier blog entry- I'm on a roll!) I may choose one of these four options.  (I know there are only 2 on here, but I can't get the other two to load properly- the colors are all crazy when I move the jpegs to the blog.  Anyone know why that is???)
Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated!  Would you like to look at either of these on your wall?
Blue- gouache on paper
I really like this little gouache.  If I can't get my new painting done this week, this may become my new postcard.
LOPE- graphite on paper
This is the piece that was selected for the AAEA Fall Open Exhibition in September.  It also sold more giclees in the past three months than the other prints.  Not my first choice for a postcard... but people seem to like it?!?!?!
Also in the running- but not able to get up in the blog for some reason-
Hindsight (altho the colors are tricky to reproduce- I do all of our giclee printing in house and I'm not even happy with it, so I cringe to think of what could come back from MP)
Technicolor (I like this painting, but it doesn't fit on a postcard without some weird cropping, which could look really edgy and cool- or just incredibly stupid.)
If you want to see what these paintings look like, they can be viewed on the website- www.MoosePantsStudio.com
(See what I mean about the colors getting all funky?  This is NOT what it looks like...)

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